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PostSubject: Impulse   Impulse EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 1:47 am


Sometimes I feel like
I don't belong here
You used to be so kind
Now driven by fear
I watch as you decline
Anyone comes so near
Leaving you behind
My head clears
Now you will find
I'm not mere
Coincidence just happen
Just flashes away
The times we had
The things you said
Made life so bad
For long I bled
What you did was just so wrong
For so long
I don't want to wake up tomorrow
Thinking of the things we did
As I sit in my own sorrow
I'll never leave home again
As I start to wonder
What keeps me alive
As my life goes under
Only living in you lie
I could've done better
Than you and me
Now it's over
You will see
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